Valmiera, Latvia

A City of Sustainable DevelopmentValmiera, the eighth largest city in Latvia, has an entrepreneurial spirit, a vivid social and cultural scene, as well as rich historical and cultural heritage.Vision and MotivationValmiera’s vision is to develop inclusive, sustainable and lifelong education programmes of the highest standard for community and regional economic development.Challenges and GoalsOne of the main challenges faced by Valmiera is motivating its citizens to remain in the region and luring new residents to the area. The city hopes that, by improving well-being, quality of life and developing personal and professional growth opportunities, it can meet these challenges. Valmeria sees the development of new business areas and attracting new investors as fundamental to promoting economic growth in the region.Plan and implementationThrough the Valmiera Education Strategy 2016 to 2020, educational institutions will develop cooperation networks and adapt best international practices, thereby providing competitive educational services and promoting self-fulfilment and development for its citizens regardless of gender, race, religious belief or wealth. The municipality supports the UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet) and the UNESCO IITE Pilot Project, ‘Learning for the Future’. It also co-organized the ‘Local Resources for Sustainable Development’ conference in the framework of the UNESCO Baltic Sea Project and the International Youth Forum ‘Strong Youth – Peaceful Tomorrow’.
City population
City GDP per capita
Between USD 10,000 and USD 15,000
Average number of years of schooling
Member since
Baiks Mr Jānis
Focal point
Ms. Elina Leimane
“To think and create” is our slogan, which perfectly describes our city. Valeria encourages creativity, open-mindedness and innovation. It seeks out untraditional solutions to inspire students – future entrepreneurs – to pave the way for development.