Namyangju, Republic of Korea

Learning lighthouses: only a ten-minute walk to happiness!Namyangju’s 1-2-3 Lifelong Learning Infrastructure project is improving access to learning for citizens of all ages. The city’s Learning Lighthouses turn unused spaces into community learning centres and have won Korea’s 2013 Lifelong Learning Award and the UNESCO Learning City Award.Vision and MotivationNamyangju wishes to improve its citizens’ quality of life and to cultivate local talent through lifelong learning; it hopes that this, in turn, will increase the city’s competitiveness. By building a virtuous cycle of learning in everyday life and work, the city intends to boost community and cultural participation.Challenges and GoalsNamyangju has faced the following challenges and has set these goals to provide high quality lifelong learning for all.Development of the lifelong learning programme and policiesImproved access to information and counselling for lifelong learningPromotion of lifelong learning for disadvantaged communitiesSupport for lifelong learning circlesTraining for continuing education stakeholdersPlan and ImplementationTo provide learning access to all, the city proposes the following:Developing the 1-2-3 Lifelong Learning Infrastructure, which refers to citizens’ proximity to facilities; more specifically:Learning Lighthouse shall be within 10 minutes’ walkCommunity centres shall be within 20 minutes’ walkLibraries shall be within 30 minutes’ walkThe aim of Learning Lighthouses is not only to promote learning but also to generate a sense of community among citizens by providing them with spaces where they can meet people from their local community and share ideas.Incubation of local talent and the growth of professional capabilities: Volunteers, lecturers, entrepreneurs and agricultural leaders are nurtured through the city’s lifelong learning academies.
City population
City GDP per capita
Between USD 15,000 and USD 25,000
Average number of years of schooling
Member since
Cho Mr Kwanghan
Focal point
Ms. Siyeon Jung
Learning is the driving force that enables residents to grow and a city to develop. I will do my best to ensure Namyangju citizens benefit from the 1-2-3 Lifelong Learning Infrastructure.