Melton, Australia

Cultivating a sustainable learning cityLocated on the Victorian Volcanic Plains, Melton combines a fascinating geography with a flourishing city culture of arts, sports and heritage.Vision and motivationMelton’s overall vision for the municipality is to make it a vibrant, proud, growing and healthy community offering lifestyle choices. Linked to this vision is a commitment to building a world-class learning community. To achieve this vision, the city council recognizes that, as a key stakeholder, it must foster a community culture that embraces and encourages continuity of learning at all ages.Sustainability is a priority consideration for the city.Challenges and goalsThe city’s rapid urban and population growth presents its citizens with many exciting opportunities but also some major challenges. These relate to our ability to increase business growth, boost capital and infrastructure investment to create local jobs and build a sustainable local economy. In order to best meet these challenges and take advantage of the opportunities available to us, it is essential that learning take place across the community.Plan and implementationMelton has established a Community Learning Board that acts as an Advisory Committee to the city council. It provides recommendations and consults with the community on matters relating to lifelong learning. It provides the governance structure for an overall city approach to lifelong learning, and oversees the development, implementation and evaluation of its community learning plans. This includes forging the necessary community and business partnerships. The current learning plan, ‘Melton: A Learning City – Community Learning Plan 2015-2018’ (CLP), is aligned with the Framework of Key Features on Learning Cities and the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government’s ‘Learning as a Driver of Change: Learning Community Framework’. It is the sixth plan to have been implemented since 1998. The CLP is designed to support, promote and incubate initiatives that develop our community at the individual level (supporting personal development and the gaining of skills and qualifications), and at the community level (for improved social resilience and economic outcomes).The Board is committed to fostering a community culture that encourages continuity of learning at all ages and supports the provision of high-quality learning opportunities for all residents of the municipality.The Board recognizes lifelong learning as a key mechanism through which personal, social, cultural, economic and environmental growth occurs.The strategic outcome of the Board is to build a learning community based on best practices that features comprehensive engagement, innovation, effectiveness, inclusion and skilled partnerships. 
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