Hangzhou, China

Innovation alongside antiquity and prosperityOften recognized as the most beautiful city in China, Hangzhou successfully blends modernity and antiquity.Vision and motivationHangzhou’s motto, ‘government leads, society coordinates and everyone participates’, is supported by the city’s broad notion of learning. It comprises:The ‘three Ls’ framework: lifelong, life-wide and life-deep learning; andThe ‘six Ws’ for building a learning city: no matter who, when, where, why, access to what information or in which wayChallenges and goalsThe city would like to increase:Living standards and sustainabilityGovernance of and participation by its stakeholdersThe culture of learning; that is, learning in the workplace and within the familyPlan and implementationHangzhou strives to develop new strategies towards becoming a learning city. To this end, five central measures are being implemented:Development of an education system comprised of 15 years’ compulsory educationCreation of learning service platforms, such as the ‘15-minute Cultural Circle’: every resident will live within a fifteen-minute walking distance from the nearest learning siteExpansion of diverse and innovative learning activitiesFounding of new learning organizationsDevelopment of comprehensive and effective lifelong learning policiesThe city will also improve its current learning policies and regulations, and strengthen the management system.
City population
City GDP per capita
Between USD 15,000 and USD 25,000
Average number of years of schooling
Member since
Liu Mr Xin
Focal point
Mr. Xiao ying Zheng
We will further explore the “Hangzhou model” of learning city construction, share experiences and make contributions to the development of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities (GNLC).