Dilijan, Armenia

Transforming into an Educational and Cultural CentreLocated at the geographical crossroads of Europe and Asia, Dilijan is looking to also become a crossroads of education and culture in Armenia through the building of a learning city. Vision & MotivationDilijan is working towards becoming an educational and cultural hub in Armenia, where the community is empowered to contribute to the economic development of the city. By joining the GNLC, Dilijan also hopes to transform itself into an educational and cultural center of international importance. Challenges & Areas of SupportDilijan experienced a difficult period after the collapse of the Soviet Union, with increased unemployment and declining economic development. The city hopes that, by joining the GNLC, its economy will grow as its citizens develop new skills and knowledge through community-based learning opportunities.Plan and ImplementationDilijan has enlisted the help of local organizations to develop universal learning experiences for its citizens. Currently, its partnership network includes (1) the United World College Dilijan, which is an IB school with students from 72 countries; (2) Dilijan Community Center, which offers vocational education for all age groups; (3) Bridge of Hope, an inclusive learning center; (4) Tumo Center for Creative Technologies, free after school lessons on modern technologies; 5) Dilijan Central School - educational methods development.By joining the UNESCO GNLC Dilijan City committed to strengthening relations with existing partners and expand its network to more external stakeholders. Dilijan plans to establish a cross-sector collaboration system, and allow the partner institutions to organize joint educational, cultural and social events, in cooperation with local schools and communities. The current plan will ensure that the culture of lifelong learning will be fostered deeply in every community in Dilijan.
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Mr Armen
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Mr. Vasiliy Bardadymov
It is an honour to be a part of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities (GNLC). Our membership is the first step towards making Dilijan a renowned educational hub both in Armenia and throughout the world