Policy support

UIL supports UNESCO Member States in every world region in lifelong learning policy development and education sector planning from a lifelong learning perspective. We work closely with ministries and local and regional stakeholders to develop tailored and targeted policy solutions that widen learning opportunities and improve quality.

Highlights in 2021:

  • UIL supported Afghanistan and South Sudan in strengthening policies and plans for adult learning, literacy and non-formal education, and lifelong learning policies;
  • UIL provided feedback on Namibia’s draft national lifelong learning policy, which is undergoing revisions following a series of regional consultations;
  • Through a technical workshop, UIL provided policy advice to representatives of the Ministry of Education and Sports of Lao PDR on the development of an implementation strategy for the recently approved Prime Minister’s Decree on Lifelong Learning.


Discover LitBase

Our global Literacy and Numeracy Practices Database (LitBase) comprises case studies of youth and adult literacy programmes representing some of the best practice around the world. It documents over 230 case studies from more than 95 countries in all world regions – making it a unique resource for providers and practitioners seeking to develop programmes that compare to the best in terms of design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and impact.

Collection of Lifelong Learning Policies and Strategies

UIL’s collection of Lifelong Learning Policies and Strategies lists abstracts and full-text links to over 55 laws, policies, strategies and plans on lifelong learning from UNESCO Member States and intergovernmental organizations from across the globe.

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