Online Consultation - Marrakech Framework

UNESCO Member States / Permanent Delegations

Thank you for participating in the online consultation on the preliminary draft CONFINTEA VII Marrakech Framework for Action on Adult Learning and Education. Your responses will help UNESCO to improve this draft document, which aims to guide UNESCO Member States and the concerned stakeholders in promoting adult learning and education (ALE) within a lifelong learning perspective. The present document will serve as the basis for the ‘Draft CONFINTEA VII Marrakech Framework for Action’.

The Belém Framework for Action was a landmark instrument, adopted in 2009 by 144 UNESCO Member States. It has guided Member States in promoting forward-looking policies, innovative concepts and instructive practices in ALE. It has also been used to monitor and report on countries' progress in ALE.

During CONFINTEA VII, a new instrument, the Marrakech Framework for Action, will be adopted to guide the development of ALE in the coming decade.

This online survey invites you to respond to questions related to the key areas of action proposed in the preliminary draft Marrakech Framework for Action. Please click here to read the draft before filling out the survey.

Respondents can save their progress and return to complete the survey at a later time by clicking on the ‘resume later’ button (top right). Please ensure that responses reflect coordinated feedback from all relevant national stakeholders.

Should you have any questions, please contact