Wuhan, China

Building an innovation-oriented learning cityCommonly known as the ‘River City’, Wuhan is situated between the Yangtze River and the Han River. Its location benefits the city by facilitating the transport of both goods and diverse ideas to Wuhan.Vision and motivationWuhan’s goal is to become an innovation-oriented learning city. The city therefore prioritizes lifelong learning and aims to enhance individuals’ capabilities through learning.Wuhan envisions becoming an innovation-driven city that fosters advanced science, technology and entrepreneurship. By joining the Global Network of Learning Cities, Wuhan hopes to exchange knowledge and practices related to urban development with other member cities, and to enhance Wuhan’s inclusiveness, prosperity and sustainable development.Challenges and goalsAs its economic growth slows, Wuhan faces the challenge of finding new driving forces for sustainable development.Plan and implementationWuhan attaches great importance to building a system of lifelong learning and developing as a learning city.Policy level:The municipality has issued a document entitled ‘Suggestions for Building a Culturally Advanced City: Five Aspects’, which clearly defines lifelong learning as a means of achieving cultural prosperity in the city.In addition, the ‘Outline for Wuhan’s Medium and Long-term Education Reform and Development’ situates the development of a lifelong learning system within the city’s upcoming five-year development plan.Practical level:Wuhan has established a steering group to coordinate the Learning City project. The group is building libraries and learning institutions to expand people’s access to public learning materials, with a particular focus on providing facilities for workers and farmers.The city has organized reading competitions and learning campaigns with the aim of fostering a culture of learning, as well as a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.
City population
City GDP per capita
Between USD 15,000 and USD 25,000
Average number of years of schooling
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Cheng Mr Yongwen
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Mr. Zheng Wang