Santiago, Mexico

Developing a sustainable city using local assetsSantiago is located within the beautiful Mexican state of Nuevo León de Monterrey. It boats a lush landscape, which is reflected in the city’s name, which translates as ‘place of flora and fauna’.Vision and MotivationSantiago’s vision is to be a sustainable, secure, modern and intelligent city, valuing its citizens, their traditions and habits. Santiago’s learning city initiative involves stakeholders from the social sectors and new technologies. It hopes to develop programmes that are educational, family based, entrepreneurial, cultural, sporty and attractive to tourists. Social participation, especially for vulnerable groups, and public security is fostered.Challenges and GoalsThe challenges facing Santiago’s learning city vision and its plan to meet them include:continuing to develop innovative programmes that are inclusive and promote gender equality and the integration of citizens into the cultural life of the city;generating technological development opportunities for and in the workplace;integrating community members into social, sporting, cultural and permanent academic programmes.Plan and ImplementationSantiago’s VIDAS (Lives) project develops educational, social, cultural and commercial activities; provides new learning spaces; and promotes sporting activities within communities. Its aim is to improve the living conditions of the city’s citizens by improving access to these activities.Activities are implemented in stages:analysis of needs,integration of participants into programmes,community actions in cooperation with city departments, andregular evaluation of the programme.
City population
City GDP per capita
Between USD 15,000 and USD 25,000
Average number of years of schooling
City award
Caballero Gaona Mr Javier
Focal point
Ms. Dayanna Reyna Aguirre
In Santiago, we do everything we can to achieve our goals. As a learning city, our priority is innovation and development – we want each person to be enterprising and to develop fully.