Cantarranas, Honduras

The cradle of culture and good flavorCantarranas is a small city located in the central department of Francisco Morazán and was established in 1667 by Spanish colonial rulers as a food producer town. In the city, there are nice rivers and pools to swing and natural protected areas.Vision and MotivationCantarranas envisages a city of learning as a place in which its citizens have access to opportunities at all stages of life and can therefore contribute to the municipality’s integral development.Cantarranas' Municipal Corporation has agreed to create a municipal development plan that proposes opportunities for formal and technical education, diverse training, motivating entrepreneurship, cultural growth and community resilience.Challenges and GoalsThe formal education system supports the municipality in increasing the level of education, and this forms a part of the city’s efforts to develop as a learning city. However, Cantarranas also recognizes the necessity for further efforts in promoting and encouraging:equality in educationentrepreneurshipsustainability and resilienceartistic, recreational and cultural growth.Plan and ImplementationCantarranas is currently designing a strategic plan for municipal development until the year 2026, which will promote growth as a city of learning by:providing permanent support to formal education systems,  ensuring equal access among citizens, improving installations, didactic materials, educational technology, and curricula, and establishing strategic alliances.strengthening the cultural, culinary and artistic values that Cantarranas holds, and giving citizens access to spaces adapted for the improvement of their  knowledge and skills.promoting artistic and sporting activities through the Municipal Institute of Sports, Art and Culture (INMUDE+AC) so that every citizen can improve their skills and well-being.creating an enterprising community with access to permanent training, new technologies and financial resources that complies with the relevant regulations and guidelines.promoting civil participation at any age level to contribute to sustainable development and community resilience.
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Less than USD 10,000
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Mr. Marco Antonio Guzmán Zelaya
We are convinced that an educated Cantarranas is more powerful, that’s why we will keep supporting the learning and education process, it is totally worth it.