Collection of Lifelong Learning Policies and Strategies

In Alphabetical order:

  1. Austria: Strategy for Lifelong Learning LLL:2020 (Strategie zum Lebensbegleitenden Lernen in Österreich), issued in 2011
  2. Bahamas: 10 year Education Plan, issued in 2009
  3. Belize: Ministry of Education Action Plan: 2010, issued in 2005
  4. Bolivia: Education Law ‘Avelino Siñani - Elizardo Pérez’, issued in 2010
  5. Bulgaria: National Strategy for Lifelong Learning: 2013, issued in 2008
  6. Canada Vancouver: Lifelong Learning Strategy for the City of Vancouver, issued in 2006
  7. China: National Plan for Medium- and Long-Term Education Reform and Development: 2020, issued in 2010
  8. Cyprus: National Lifelong Learning Strategy: 2020, issued in 2014
  9. Czech Republic: The Strategy of Lifelong Learning in the Czech Republic, issued in 2007
  10. Denmark: Strategy for Lifelong Learning: Education and Lifelong Skills Upgrading for All, issued in 2007
  11. European Communities: A Memorandum on Lifelong Learning, issued in 2000
  12. European Union: Council Conclusions of 12 May 2009 on a Strategic Framework for European Cooperation in Education and Training, issued in 2009
  13. Finland: Ministry of Education Strategy: 2015, issued in 2003
  14. Germany: Concept of the Federal Government on Learning in the Life Course, issued in 2008
  15. Germany: Strategy for Lifelong Learning (STRATEGIE FÜR LEBENSLANGES LERNEN), issued in 2004
  16. Hungary: Strategy of the Government of the Republic of Hungary for Lifelong Learning, issued in 2005
  17. Hungary: Strategy for Lifelong Learning, issued in 2006
  18. Japan: Basic Act on Education, issued in 2006
  19. Japan: Basic Plan for the Promotion of Education, issued in 2008
  20. Kenya: A Policy Framework for Education (Second Draft), issued in 2012
  21. Latvia: Lifelong Learning Policy: 2013, issued in 2007
  22. Lithuania: The National Education Strategy: 2012, issued in 2003
  23. Lithuania: Law Amending the Law on Education, issued in 2011
  24. Mexico: Programa Sectorial de Educación: 2012, issued in 2007
  25. Republic of Korea: Second National Lifelong Learning Promotion Plan, 2008‒2012, issued in 2008
  26. Republic of Korea: Lifelong Education Act 2009, issued in 2009
  27. Republic of Korea: The 3rd National Lifelong Learning Promotion Plan: 2017, issued in 2013
  28. Spain - Basque country: Lifelong Learning Law, issued in 2013
  29. Turkey: Driving Force for the success of Turkey: Lifelong Learning Policy Paper, issued in 2006
  30. Turkey: Lifelong Learning Strategy Paper, issued in 2009